#13 Phonics Deck - 'oo' spelling

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by PuddleJumpers

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Subjects: speech,foundationalSkills,reading,readingSkills

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Phonics deck for <oo> spelling and two sounds as in "moon" and "book". This fun, interactive phonics deck targeting the /oo/ spelling allows practice with a speech pathologist or teacher for words with sounds such as "moon" and "book". Note: as there is no audio in this deck. If the student is not familiar with this method then it is recommended that the instructor will read instructions to the student. Compatible with Sounds-Write Extended Code Unit 13 which is a proven systematic synthetic phonics program which can be used as whole class instruction or intervention. All cards use NSW/ACT school fonts. Targeting the following: ✅ Word Building (pictures as words) (8 cards) ✅ Sound Review (1 card) ✅ Word Reading - select the correct picture (9 cards) ✅ Select the correct words with /oo/ spelling (1 card) ✅ Select the correct word that matches the picture (8 cards) ✅ Build a sentence/story (2 cards) Also available from my store: /ae/ Unit 1 Phonics with spellings "ai, ay, ea, a-e" /ee/ Unit 2 Phonics with spellings "e, ea, ee, y" /oe/ Unit 4 Phonics with spellings "o, oa, ow, oe, o-e" /er/ Unit 6 Phonics with spellings "o, oe, o-e, ow" /e/ Unit 7 Phonics with spellings "e, ea, ai" /ow/ Unit 8 Phonics with spellings "oe, ow" /oo/ Unit 10 Phonics with spellings "oo, ew, ue, u-e, o" and more!