Adding and Subtracting Integers with Algebra Tiles

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by Leaf and STEM Learning

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Subjects: math,mathMiddleSchool,midSchoolRationalNumbers

Grades: 6

Description: Standards Alignment: TEKS 6.1.C TEKS 6.3.C TEKS 6.3.D In the 20 card set, students will write integer addition and subtraction equations and solve them using on-screen hands-on algebra tile manipulatives. Students will move the algebra tiles to create zero pairs to visualize the concepts of integer addition and subtraction. Accessibility and Accommodation Information: -All text is designed to be read by a screen reader and is ready to use with students with text-to-speech accommodations. -This activity requires students drag-and-drop visual digital manipulatives and may not appropriate for some students with a visual impairment.