Self Advocacy Cochlear Implant Parts

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by jiacobucci

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Subjects: hearingAndAudiology,speech,expressiveLanguage

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Description: Explore digital task cards, an assessment tool designed to evaluate knowledge on the fundamental components of a cochlear implant. Students engage in identifying and understanding the functions of each part on the device. This resource provides a comprehensive evaluation of cochlear implant awareness. Elevate learning with this interactive tool. The Pennsylvania Expanded Core Competencies for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (PA ECCDHH) Addressed: PA ECCDHH Au.2 – Management of Listening Devices PA ECCDHH Au.2.E3 - Names main parts of personal listening devices and HAT and their respective functions PA ECCDHH SDA – Self-Determination & Advocacy PA ECCDHH SDA.2 – Self-Advocacy: Feeling Empowered PA ECCDHH SDA.5 – Proficient Use of Accommodations and Auxiliary Services