Alphabet Book for Adult ESL

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by Rike Neville

Price: 450 points or $4.5 USD

Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonologicalAwareness,englishSecondLanguage,adultSpeech,speech

Grades: 9,10,11,12

Description: Adult ESL students who need practice with the alphabet will love how this deck is designed for them, not children. Each card has a photo to represent a word that the letter begins with, the capital and lowercase letters in nine different fonts to help with letter recognition, and the word in print. Students can click audio icons to hear the letter's name, the word, and the sound that the letter makes. Also included are the upper and lowercase letters in a traceable font. The "ink" feature is turned on for the students who would like to trace the letters, but this action isn't required. Each of the short and long vowels has a card. Cards for the two sounds of "c" and "g" are also included. Please see the "acknowledgments" for the list of the words used. NOTE: While this deck gives students opportunities to listen, repeat, and trace, there is no required action to proceed to the next card.