10 More 10 Less 1 More 1 Less 100 Chart Practice Set 4

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by Jollymum

Price: 325 points or $3.25 USD

Subjects: math,mathElementary,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,additionAndSubtraction

Grades: 1,2

Description: Looking for a simple yet effective practice for working on your students' number sense skills? Do you want to give your student a much-needed boost in their confidence? This 32-card deck is the perfect tool for your students to work on their number sense in a simple way that won't overwhelm and frustrate them. What you can expect: Students will find a grid with a given number on each card. They will have to type in the four missing numbers to show that they understand where the given number is situated on the 100 chart. They will review the concepts 1 more - 1 less and 10 more - 10 less. What you will get with your purchase: ➤ 2 instruction cards ➤ 30 practice cards with a given number in a grid The cards are randomized except for the instruction card.