Functional Vocabulary Book with REAL Photos: Food

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by Panda Speech

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 15

Description: These books are great for functional vocabulary, increasing MLU (mean length of utterance), matching skills, and expressive/receptive language skills. These books were designed to be simple and functional without a lot of distracting images or text. I hope you find them useful! I love using them in speech therapy sessions! Many children will recognize the functional vocabulary in these books and get excited to use the symbols and pieces! How I use this book: I point to the large picture on the page and see if they can identify it (I use the prompts: “what is this” or “this is a ____”). There are three choices on the right side of the page. The student will find the matching picture (food item) and place it in the blank square on the page (by dragging it to the square). After that, I have them repeat the sentences on the page while pointing to the symbols “I eat ____ ” If the student is limited-verbal, I have them point to the symbols while I verbalize the sentence for a model or have them tell you with their AAC device (again, providing a model when needed). Expansion idea: You can ask the students follow up questions about each food item such as: “When do you eat it?” "What type of food is it?” “Do you like this type of food?”