I Can Take Turns Social Narrative and Activity Preschool Kindergarten Social Skills

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by ABA in School

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Subjects: sel,specialed,selfManagement,relationshipSkills,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills,Special Autism,specialAba

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: ❤️ Need a fun and simplified way to work on preschool social skills? Social emotional learning activities can be hard to find, especially simple enough for early childhood special education students. These social narratives work well for preschool social skills for morning meeting or community circle. This is I Can Take Turns. Very short social narrative and then you get to help two students through a game of 4-in-a-row, practicing saying my turn, your turn, and being a good sport. Follow ABA in School on Boom and TpT to keep up-to-date with new and updates resources for early learning, speech therapy, special education, ABA, and data collection.