Theory of Mind: Group Participation

by Allison DePalma, MA, BCBA

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Subjects: sel,socialAwareness,specialAba,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills,Special Autism

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Description: For some, being in a group setting can be extremely difficult and draining. When we are feeling anxious, uncomfortable, etc around others, there is a potential that we may respond to our emotions in a way that is not best received by others. This could look like shutting down, lashing out, etc. This activity will present the client will multiple scenarios. Each example will depict an individual struggling in a group setting. The client will need to use the multiple choice questions to (a) identify how the individual's behavior may affect those around them, and (b) select what the individual could do instead considering the people around them (as well as their personal needs). At the end of the deck will be a self-reflection piece, in which the client will be provided open-ended questions to discuss with their teacher / therapist.