Wonders Structural Analysis Unit 1 Week 3

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by JG Kinder Kreations

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Subjects: ela,reading,sightWords,foundationalSkills,elaLanguage,elaLanguageGrammar

Grades: 1

Description: This deck provides extra practice with the plural nouns that accompany Wonders 2020 Unit 1 Week 3. In the first activity students will read the word and find the picture that has the same meaning. The second activity gives students practice with deciding if the word means one or more than one. In the third activity students will choose the correct way to write the plural noun. The final activity provides students with practice for test type questions, they will read the sentence and choose the correct noun to fill in the sentence. **These were made to be used with the Wonders 2020 curriculum but may be used for grammar practice alone as well.