Science Lab Equipment Audio

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by June Shanahan Dog-On-It Designs

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Subjects: baseTen,mathElementary,math,structureAndPropertiesOfMatter,decimals,appliedScience

Grades: 4,5,6,7

Description: Need help with the most common science lab tools and equipment? These Boom Cards contain twenty-four uncover-the-picture questions about science tools and their uses in the science lab. Every time your students correctly identify the purpose of a science tool, part of a mystery picture will be uncovered. There are two mystery pictures, each with twelve questions. If your students can correctly identify the science tools below, these questions will help them gain depth and insights. Here’s what you get: ⭐24 Science Tool Questions ⭐Inspirational Science Mystery Pictures and Quotes mirror collecting net prism hot plate terrarium aquarium meter stick safety goggles calculator microscope compass hand lens ruler metric tape measure thermometer triple beam balance balance scale spring scale graduated cylinder graduated beaker magnet stopwatch petri dish test tube Fun Ideas: •Behavior Incentives •Sub Plans •Independent Work •Early Finishers •Literacy Centers •Morning Work •Small Group •Quiet Work While You Administer Individual Assessments