Animal Adaptations and Fossils Test Prep

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by Nurtured Nature

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Subjects: science,lifeScience,adaptation,evidenceOfCommonAncestryAndDiversity

Grades: 5

Description: Animal adaptations and fossils can be challenging to teach without providing students with many examples to practice with. This deck of Boom cards is the perfect solution – it includes 20 cards, modeled after item sampler and practice test questions aligned with 5th Grade Biodiversity & Change standard objectives: Identify physical and behavioral adaptations that enable animals such as, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals to survive in a particular environment. (Former TN SPI 0507.5.1) Explain how fossils provide information about the past. (Former TN SPI 0507.5.2) Why use Boom cards for Science test prep? ✅ Self-checking test prep means less grading for you! ✅ Immediate feedback for students helps to correct misconceptions promptly. ✅ Practice including a variety of examples is available for your students, without you spending hours writing test prep questions.