Spatial Concepts (Winter Sorting)

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by Decksters' Lab

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Subjects: speech,receptiveLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 0

Description: With this purchase, you'll get a winter-themed boom deck. The deck includes two modes (sorting and answering questions). In sorting, the student is tasked to drag and drop a particular item either inside or outside the house. After every correct answer, the previous item will be integrated to the picture scene. In answering question, the student is tasked to answer a particular "where" question. The student is tasked to complete an answer prompt by dragging "inside" or "outside" in the blank. This deck can be used to target: 1. Categorization 2. Association 3. Inferencing 4. Vocabulary (Spatial concepts) This deck includes: -45 cards - 2 modes (sorting and answering when questions) - 20 items per mode This can be used as a target activity, practice, or reinforcement.