Algebraic Thinking and the Concept of Equals Level 2

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by In Around the Middle

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: This is a set of 35 differentiated algebraic thinking questions. The aim is to help students learn about balancing simple equations and really understanding what the equals sign means. The concepts of “equals” is an essential mathematical concept and must be fully understood before going deeper into algebra and more advanced math concepts. In all cards, the answer box is moved to different places in the equations so that students really think about the numbers and the equality and not just the answer. The first 19 cards focus on balancing equations using addition, subtraction and one digit multiplication. The last 16 cards focus on balancing equations including parentheses, addition, subtraction and multiplication. An 'edgier' skateboard-themed background to appeal to older students. The cards use fill in the blank as well as drag and drop questions.