Articulation Paragraphs /sh and ch/ Reading Level

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by Cardigan Speech

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Subjects: articulation

Grades: 0

Description: Looking for something to target those sentence, paragraph, and reading level carryover articulation goals for /sh/ and /ch/? Need to improve awareness of speech sounds and improve carryover for /sh/ and /ch/? These articulation paragraphs are phoneme loaded for tons of trials! If you are looking for articulation carryover activities, these phoneme loaded paragraphs are ready-to-go for any time of the year. Each card includes articulation prompts and cue cards for /sh and ch/ making this articulation paragraph activity perfect to use during a session and assign for homework! This /sh and ch/ articulation resource includes: 10 paragraphs to target /sh/ 10 paragraphs to target /ch/ Ability for the student to record each paragraph and hear it back for instant feedback Student selects words with target sound and is provided instant feedback. The best part? Cue cards on each page of the articulation paragraphs are perfect to use in therapy and great for homework. These make it easy for caregivers to cue younger students and self-review of cuing for older students.