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by Aussie Waves

Price: 1000 points or $10 USD

Subjects: ela,writing,reading

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: These fun activities form a writing program to help develop important creative thinking, writing skills and strategies. This comprehensive resource is easy to use and a valuable addition to your writing stations. Each card/slide features writing practice to increase understanding and expertise in both formal and informal writing styles. What’s included? There are 100 slides! This is a magic flow deck with a menu for teachers and students to choose task and navigate Genre includes writing: 1. narratives 2. factual reports 3. persuasive texts 4. facts and opinions 5. dialogue 6. descriptions 7. lists 8. text messages Skills include thinking and learning about 1. vocabulary and using better words 2. super beginning sentences 3. visualizing/visualising 4. inferring 5. sequence of events These are very varied tasks, with students answering by typing, drag and drop and multiple choice.