Adding Doubles and Doubles +1 (to 10) Games

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by Funny Owl

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Subjects: math,games,mathElementary,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,additionAndSubtraction

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Adding doubles games | Adding doubles to 10 | Adding doubles and near doubles puzzle Are you looking for a fun and engaging resource to practice or reinforce adding doubles and near doubles to 1o? These puzzles focus on adding doubles to 10 and adding near doubles. A student solves the problem and moves a puzzle piece onto the correct answer in the puzzle grid. There are 3 adding doubles puzzles, 27 problems to solve in this set. Puzzle # 1- Adding Doubles to 10 Puzzle # 2 - Adding Doubles plus one (1-10) Puzzle # 3 - Adding Doubles and Doubles plus one (1-10) If you like these puzzles, please visit my store for more adding doubles resources!