Stuttering Therapy: Light Contact- Sports Play!

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by Of Mouth & Mind- D. Hamburg, SLP

Price: 180 points or $1.8 USD

Subjects: speech,speechFluency,specialed,communicationSkills

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: During this Sports Activity, practice the stuttering therapy strategy of Light Contact in phrases! Phrases target the stop consonants T & D and instructions help to clarify the strategy. Random examples are provided for calibration of strategy. Included: 3 instructional cards, 1 objective card, 10 interactive strategies cards w/3 phrases each, and 1 reinforcement card. Provide your students/clients with a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activity to practice Light Contact as a speech fluency tool. You control your student's rate of speech by moving the icon at the desired speed. Then your student can practice independently when you share the lesson with them. An audio of the lesson objective is provided. Bonus: The last card allows your student/client to create a fun picture. This can be used as an additional stuttering therapy activity for story telling! *This deck is not self-grading but intended for direct therapy use and carry-over practice. *Please provide feedback as I would love to keep improving the quality of my products for speech-language pathologists, parents, and other educators that may be accessing these digital resources.