Errorless Matching Winter Cupcakes, Level 1 DECK 6

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by ELI Embracing Learner Inclusion

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Subjects: sel,specialed

Grades: 14,13

Description: This fun, matching activity is ideal for Early Childhood Education Programs, Special Education classrooms, ABA Clinics or Homeschool Parents. Level I, Errorless Boom decks have only 5 cards to minimize frustration for children that are learning how to work independently on tasks. This is a drag and drop activity, while students are using the Errorless Deck, ONLY the correct answer card will move. This deck is great for teaching students how to correctly match icons, while minimizing frustration from wrong answers. Once students have mastered completing Errorless, Level I decks, you may wish to move on to more advanced decks. Do you have students (like mine) who LOVE to pick the incorrect answers first? Using these decks will help teach students to pick the correct answer because they can ONLY move the correct answer. When you feel that students have mastered picking the correct answer, you can switch to the identical Level 2 deck to make sure they are mastering matching.