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by Create It Simple

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Subjects: ela,specialed

Grades: 14,13

Description: Looking for quick and easy boom deck for your Apple Unit? Use this boom deck to help practice lowercase letter matching. Directions: Students identify the letter and click on the matching letter to advance to the next card in the deck. Each play through will include 20 cards at random unless you Custom Play Settings. PreK Apple Letter Matching Ideas: Review Only Letters You Cover for the Month (example: s, a, t, c, p, i, n) and hide the rest of the cards. Whole Class Game- Have students go up one by one to point and name each letter then click on the correct letter. (adjust the play of cards to class size- example 22) Kindergarten Apple Letter Matching Ideas: Use this as a back to school check in-- on letter recognition and based on reports focus on letters your students are struggling with the most Put In Technology Center- add a QR code to help students login with a fast play (note- link only valid for 2 weeks) or create simple passwords so each student will remember (favorite color, lunch number, first name) and login in independently. Shop For More (two options) 1. Click on Create It Simple under ACKNOWLEDGE below 2. Click on RELATED tab for similar decks and/or bundles