Number Bonds Within 10 Valentines Day

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by Tong Stevens

Price: 375 points or $3.75 USD

Subjects: additionAndSubtraction,valentinesDay

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Are you looking for something to help your students with fact fluency? This deck of 60 Valentines-themed boom cards is perfect for reinforcing fundamental math skills such as counting on, making 10, and missing addends. The main objective of the cards is to provide students with more practice with number bonds. The cards can be used at school during math centers and at home as homework. On each card, students can click on the audio icon to hear the directions. For cards 1-33, students will be solving for one missing bond (addend), and for cards 34-60, students will be solving for two missing bonds. Students will then drag the correct missing number bond(s) to a pink heart and check their answer. By default, students will be shown 20 cards per play. You can also hide cards as well, just go to your library and open up a deck, then click the “Hide Cards” button on any cards you don’t want to be assigned. ♥ Check back often for FREEBIES and new products! New products are 20% off and new BUNDLES are 40% off for 72 hours.