Sports Vocabulary {Intraverbal Level}

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by The Speech Banana

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Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This deck was designed to practice sports vocabulary. Students will click and drag the correct answer to answer intraverbal (fill-in the blank) statements. Each task card targets actions and functions of items utilized in baseball, hockey, golf, and tennis. Included in this deck: You hit a baseball with a _. You catch a baseball with a _. When you hit a puck with a stick, you are playing _. Hockey is played on _. In tennis, you hit the ball over _. A sport that uses a racket is _. In golf you try to hit the ball into the _. You wear a baseball cap on your _. When you hit a puck with a stick you are playing _. After you hit a baseball, you run around the _. To get the players' attention, the referee blows a _. In golf you hit the ball with a _. I carry all of my clubs in my _. The scoreboard tells you who is winning the _. To be a good player you need a lot of _. The team with the most wins gets a __. You hit a tennis ball with a _. After you hit a baseball you run around the _. A coach is a person that helps the players learn how to _. Hockey is played on _. In basketball, you dribble the ball down the _. In all sports, the fans do the most _. Always Have Fun! Jenn Saliba - The Speech Banana