Grow Flower Grow Book Buddy

by The Petite Speech Geek

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13

Description: This resource contains 9 language activities meant to be paired with adorable story, "Grow Flower Grow" by Lisa Bruce. After reading the story, choose which objective you would like your students to target and select it from the Table Of Contents/ Home pages. Here's what's included: 1. 15 Wh (some with yes/no questions as well e.g. What did Fran feed the flower first? Did that help the flower grow?) within a field 4 responses. 2. Let's Build A Flower - Categories 2 Levels: field of 2 & field of 3 3. What does a flower need to grow? Ask students to click/tap all the things that helps flowers grow. 1 card 4. Grow flower grow! Following instructions to "grow" a flower. Use the sentence starters to tell what you're doing. 8 cards 5. Where is the flower? Prepositions- within a field of 2 responses. 15 cards 6. Story Retell- drag the flowers onto the images as you retell the story. -1 card 13 parts to retell 7. The Life-Cycle of A Flower- describe how a flower grows by dragging the images into the correct boxes. 1 card with 8 images to sequence. 8. Find, Label & Match Sensory Bin- 1 card with 8 spring items to find 9. Feed The Flower: all the things Fran did in the story. Use this as a fun way to retell and sequence or as a companion while reading the story for extra support! BONUS: Build a flower open-ended scene- 1 card