Thanksgiving Synonyms Hidden Pictures BOOM

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by Ann Fausnight

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4

Description: This product features 28 digital task cards. The cards and words mostly feature a modern Thanksgiving theme. Students solve two puzzles by clicking the answers or dragging and dropping the answers to display the next piece of a hidden Thanksgiving picture. 7 piece puzzle including the completed picture Click the Answers 21 slides including the completed picture. Drag and Drop Words include gratitude, thankfulness, voyage/trip, large/enormous, feeble/frail, fast/rapid, tasty/yummy, gobble/gulp, plate/dish, journey/travel, stir/whisk, appreciate/value, famished/hungry, laugh/chuckle, grateful/thankful, assist/help, dessert/sweet, child/youngster, baby/infant, easy/simple, difficult/complicated, autumn/fall, clean/spotless