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by BigDogCards

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Subjects: sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Topic Maintenance and conversations aren’t always targeted in Social Skills groups yet they can be great goals for many Autistic students or students with Social Communication disorders. The hardest part of conversation is often remaining on topic or turn taking. Many students understand “on topic “ and “off topic “comments, but struggle with that gray area- the “tangent”. This deck addresses that weakness. This deck details comments as appropriate based on whether or not they are on topic, off topic or on a tangent. Art and content is geared for the older student. Your students will receive 39 cards which consist of 7 instructional cards, 2 drag and drop activities, 3 multiple choice cards, 15 fill in the blank cards and 11 mixed (multiple choice and 11 open ended cards). The open ended cards are wonderful in that they allow you to gauge your student’s original responses to a scenario. I suggest running the deck as a group lesson and then assigning for HW to assess the skill. Some basic interference skills are required. An ACCOMPANYING PRINTIE WITH THE SAME NAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE The cards work well with older students (Grades 6- 10) or best when used with students who have mild-moderate cognitive delays yet good language skills. An independent lesson will take about 20-30 minutes however if you are using it as a teaching tool during instruction the lesson can easily fill 90 minutes with breaks in between for group discussion.