Homonyms Sentence Match - Multiple Meaning Words

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by Primary Wishes

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: An engaging way for students to improve language & vocabulary skills as they practice identifying homonyms/multiple meaning words in context. Students will read the sentence on each card and select the picture that matches the homonym being used. Each card includes sound to read the sentences aloud, making it accessible for all students. This deck includes an introduction page (with sound) to review what homonyms are and provide activity directions for students. This self-checking deck includes 20 cards, presented in a randomized order (with the introduction page always first), making it great for students to use multiple times! Words included: orange, tie, letter, light, match, punch, bowl, trunk, mouse, bark, foot, glasses, date, chest, spring, palm, sink, nail, bat For more practice check out my "Homonyms Match" boom deck! ***************************************************************************** If you like this deck check out my other language activities in my store (Primary Wishes)