Spanish Listening Final Exam: Level 2

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by World Language Cafe

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Subjects: language,nativeSounds,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: This Spanish 1 or Spanish 2 listening exam will make your teacher life so much easier. Topics covered: adjectives, body parts, clothing, daily routine, descriptions, family, food, greetings, likes and dislikes, places, professions, school and classes, time, sports, and weather. Level 2 - 4 types of questions Listening in Spanish with: * Questions and answers in English * Questions in English and answers in Spanish * Questions in Spanish and answers in English * Questions in Spanish and answers in Spanish There are images for topic clues on each slide (example, pictures of clothing on a slide with a question about clothing). Student Instructions: Listen to the sound file, read the question, and listen to the sound file again. Then click on the correct answer. You may wish to recommend a certain number of times that they listen = 2 times. 15-20 minutes is recommended for the exam time. There are multiple versions of this listening exam to accommodate different learning levels. Get them all with the bundle: