Blend & spell - OI/OY

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by Little River Speech Language & Literacy

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Subjects: speech,ela,phonologicalAwareness,phonics,reading,foundationalSkills

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Work on phonological awareness blending of 4 and 5 sounds while also targeting ways to spell OI/OY words. After the sound blending task, spell each word using a limited set of tiles, reinforcing sound-symbol correspondence. Each letter tile gives sound feedback to support phoneme-grapheme correspondence (noisy spelling) All words contain the OI/OY sound Word set: cowboy, turquoise, enjoy, poison, joint, noisy, oyster, pointer, royalty, toilet This is a mixed word set containing 4 sound and 5 sound words - it is intended for students who have already been taught ways to spell /oi/ with shorter 3 sound words. Includes 10 words to practice blending, then spelling Aligns with a speech to print approach