Winter Themed Gross Motor Break Social Emotional Learning

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by CreativeCOTA LLC

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: ot,sel,specialed,firstDayOfWinter,mentalHealth,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Need a quick no-prep digital brain break to get your students focused and ready to learn? Use these engaging Winter exercise Boom Cards to get your students moving. Integrate a Winter Themed Gross Motor Break into your curriculum for a delightful blend of physical activity and social-emotional learning. This engaging resource is designed to provide a structured break that not only promotes gross motor skills but also contributes to the social-emotional well-being of students. Occupational therapy practitioners can leverage this Winter Themed Gross Motor Break to enhance student focus and contribute to effective classroom management. The interactive and festive nature of the activities helps students build a connection between physical movement and emotional well-being. Winter-themed elements add a touch of seasonal fun, creating an environment that fosters both physical and emotional engagement. As students participate in these activities, they not only benefit from increased blood flow to the brain but also develop social skills, cooperation, and a sense of joy. Incorporate this Winter Themed Gross Motor Break into your routine to create a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere. The combination of physical exercise and social-emotional learning contributes to a well-rounded educational experience, promoting both physical health and emotional resilience in students.