Handwriting practice tracing alphabets, numbers, shapes

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by Piggybookshop

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Subjects: ela,fineMotorSkills,handTherapy,handWriting,specialed,Special Autism

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: If you are looking for Handwriting practice boom cards for fine motor activities, such as tracing alphabets, shapes, and numbers, then this is perfect for your therapy center. This resource will help you develop many skills at a time, like imitating skills, handwriting skills, phonics, and memory skills. Games like IMITATING, ROLE PLAY, TURN TAKING, can be played with this resource. Many students with special needs like autism need to repeat the word many times before they remember it. These boom cards will make them repeat the word while dragging the pictures on the patterns. It is perfect for special education, preschool, and kindergarten classes. Games: IMMITATING The teacher will show the pattern writing steps and the students will follow the steps. Remember, the teacher will not show the steps at one go. For example, the teacher will trace a line from 1 first, then ask the student to copy it. Then she will trace the number 2 line. TURN-TAKING : The teacher will drag a picture ( for example, an apple) into the alphabet A and say the word apple. Then the teacher will say, "It's your turn now" and ask the student to drag the apple and say the word "apple." In this way, she will repeat the words and fill the alphabet with apples. This way, students will repeat the word and remember the picture's name. ROLE PLAY : The teacher and student can switch roles. The student will play the teacher's role and she/he will show the pattern tracing and the teacher will follow.