What doesn't Belong?_Thanksgiving

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by Smart Land

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Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Master your young students Critical Thinking skills with these colorful Thanksgiving / Fall infused, audio supported cards. "What doesn't belong' type of tasks are crucial: - for developing visual discrimination and basic learning skills - for practicing comparing objects, paying attention to details and specific features, - for learning to group objects and find what they have in common - for becoming good at giving reasoning and explaining answers/opinion The set consists of 4 types of tasks (moving from easy to more challenging ones) 1. "What doesn't belong" - find the object that doesn't belong (out of 4 given pictures) 2. "Place me where I belong" - 2 groups of objects and 1 extra picture looking for its 'family' - drag it to where it belongs 3. "Fill the table with things that belong together" - 6 objects are given and the task is to sort them out by the given category (apples/pumpkins, etc) - find and drag the objects of this category to the table 4. "Find what belongs together" - out of 6 given objects find those that can be grouped together (belong together) - drag them into the table Hope, you and your students enjoy using these cards!