Number Match Up Country Series Canada

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by Yvonne Voss

Price: 320 points or $3.2 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 13

Description: This set of 32 digital task cards will have students working on Number Sense as they match representations of the same number - the digits, ten frames, counting, number words, and tally marks. This deck of task cards are Fill-in-the-Blank and students will type in their responses for the Number Word set (11 cards). Both the Ten Frame/Tally Mark set (10 cards) and the Digit set are Multiple Choice (11 cards) with two possible responses. Correct answers have a green circle and incorrect answers have a red circle and a line. This set provides a variety of subitizing (instantly seeing "how many" without actually counting) experiences for students. The ability to see numbers in patterns is the foundation for understanding number sense. This set is aligned with the Common Core K.CC.B.5 and VA SOL.R.K.7.e.