Spanish-English Bilingual Articulation F Sound Valentine's Day Speech Therapy.

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by BilingualSLP LLC

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Subjects: speech,games,holiday,articulation,firstDayOfWinter,bilingual,valentinesDay

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Increase your students' articulation abilities with this interactive Valentine's day articulation game. Move the hearts to uncover the F articulation words. Put the hearts inside the jar. First page lets you choose the language (English or Spanish). Main page allows you to choose the word position you wish to target the F phoneme (initial, medial and/or final). Although there are words on these vocabulary cards, children who are not able to read can complete the activity due to the visuals, once given a model. English 12 initial words 12 medial words 12 final words Spanish 12 initial words 12 medial words *F does not occur in the final position of many words in Spanish *Spanish has many dialects, it is possible that your student will use a different word