March: Core Word Practice- I want + color+item


Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Practice using "I want" to help the Leprechaun tell which shamrock he wants. Each picture has 3 cards , card 1 the student moves the correct picture to the box to give the leprechaun the right shamrock. Card 2 the student chooses the correct color to describe the picture, card 3 the student reads or repeats the sentence that includes He + has + color+item. There are questions on cards 2 and 3 to elicit a response. Card 3 has dots below each word to help the student pace his/her speech and include all of the words. The student must click on each dot in order to get a correct response on card 3.