Fronting Minimal Pair Feeding Mouths

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by Adventures in Speech Pathology

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: AIM: To increase motivation and obtain more practice trials using the minimal pairs approach in speech therapy METHOD: Point to (auditory discrimination) or say the minimal pair target words. If you say the word correctly, drag a piece of food for the animal to ‘eat’. There are 5 pieces of food for 5 practice attempts per word. Entertaining for the preschool-aged population. Each animal starts with the same sound that you are targeting, such as ‘t’ for tiger, and ‘c’ for crocodile for the phonological pattern of fronting. Each pattern contains production cues to teach the child about how the sounds are made prior to starting the minimal pairs. This can be used for cueing. ✅ Covers initial position & final position for t-k, d-g, s-sh. ✅ Includes 5-10 minimal pair targets per sound pattern HOW CAN I REACH 100 TRIALS? Use the following equation to figure out how many practice trials are needed: * Say 5 word pairs x 20 each = 100 trials * Say 6 word pairs x 20 each = 120 trials * Say 10 word pairs x 10 each = 100 trials