Easter Egg CVC Vowel Sounds

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by sisterprints

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Subjects: ela,instructionalEnglish,speech,phonology,phonics,foundationalSkills

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This large deck provides for multiple game plays. Students will drag and drop the medial vowel on the leaf for the word for the item pictured. This self-correcting deck will randomly provide 20 cards per play. Ontario, Canada Curriculum: Kindergarten/Grade 1 Knowledge and skills: applying phonics knowledge in reading and spelling. Reading and spelling CV, VC, and CVC words made of phonics patterns they have learned. applying grapheme-phoneme correspondences (see B2.3) to word reading and spelling: when reading a word, identifying the graphemes of the word, saying the corresponding phonemes, and blending them together. When spelling a word, identifying the phonemes they hear in the word and representing each phoneme with a grapheme.