Double Accidentals: Same Sounding Pitch Match Music Centers Band Activities

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by Rainbow Forecast

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Subjects: musicBand,musicPiano,musicOrchestra,musicChoir,musicGuitar,musicElementarySkills,music

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: This is great for reinforcing keyboard geography and reading double accidentals in music class. Designed for a timed challenge in music classes or piano lessons, these music task cards can be used as a quick skills assessment or a fun review game. Both beginner and intermediate music students can practice enharmonics and double accidentals. Features of this no-prep resource: Colourful and clear visuals 20 cards total in this self-shuffling deck, including an introduction card Each play is 10 cards Straightforward instructions - students look at the note name and choose all other note names that represent the same pitch