Auditory Discrimination Short U and E Vowel Intensive Practice w/CVC Nonsense Words

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by ZenGee Classroom

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed,foundationalSkills,Special Autism,developmentalSkills,readingSkills

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Practice differentiating between the short /u/ and short /e/ sounds with CVC Nonsense Words*. Students listen to the word (i.e. vub, pem, etc...) read aloud and tap the correct vowel to move on. There are 37 cards in this deck: an instruction card, and then 18 cards of each sound. Cards are played in random order, so each play will be unique. There are six different designs of engaging outer space scenes, and an equal number of each vowel sound in each card design. The 'u' and 'e' on each page stay in the same position throughout. *In the directions, the nonsense words are referred to as, "word chunks" because, in my experience, many students (especially those on the autism spectrum), struggle when presented with "nonsense words" or "silly words." When I point out to these students that they are learning "word chunks" or "parts of words" these students have a much easier time working with them. My email address is Please contact me with any issues, questions, or concerns. Thank you!