Dolch Sight Words - 3rd Grade - HP - Deck 1/3

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by MacLang Learning

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: These Boom Cards™ will provide motivation for your students to practice reading Dolch Sight words. This set of 3 Boom Card decks contains the Dolch 3rd Grade words. Each deck contains 16 Dolch sight words in tiles that cover a picture. As each word is read aloud, students pick the correct tile and it is removed. Once all words have been correctly chosen, the picture is revealed. The pictures in all decks are unique to that deck. The Boom deck is self-correcting and only allows the student to progress when they have selected the correct answer. Boom Card decks are compatible with Google Classroom™ Each deck contains 16 different 3rd Grade words to practice (except Deck 3/3 has 8 words repeated from Deck 1 to fill the tile grid) along with a different hidden picture. Deck 1: if, long, about, got, six, never, seven, eight, today, myself, much, keep, try, start, ten, bring Get the Bundle: