Stuttering Modification Therapy for Desensitization- Bubble

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by Of Mouth & Mind- D. Hamburg, SLP

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Subjects: speech,speechFluency,expressiveLanguage,socialAspectsOfCommunication

Grades: 0

Description: This stuttering modification therapy deck addresses pseudo-stuttering and cancellation strategies. We deliberately stutter as we learn about bubble gum in non-fiction text! This stuttering desensitization activity is helpful since it helps us get used to how to handle a stuttering event when it happens. Then we are better able to deal with stuttering by making changes to become confident speakers. The cancellation method is encouraged to pause when a stutter occurs, think of a stuttering strategy, then repeat the stuttered word and continue with the sentence. Three types of stuttering are targeted including repetitions, blocking, and prolongations. *Non-fiction text is used for sentences with audio examples as needed. *This deck is not self-grading but intended for direct therapy use and carry-over practice. Bonus: The last card in the deck is a reinforcement activity where your student gets to create their own picture. This can also be used for retelling content information with heterogenous groupings. Included: 4 instructional cards, 21 tasks cards, 1 reinforcement card. 3.5 reading level