Short and Tall. 3D Shapes

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by Libia

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Subjects: ela,math,specialed,speech

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Description: The goal of this activity is to learn the concept of short and tall with 3D shapes. Beautiful and vibrant 3D shapes (cylinders, pyramids and prisms) are used throughout the activity to retain the student’s attention. First, the student will type the words “short” and “tall”. Second, the student will match the words “short” and “tall” to the corresponding 3D shape (2 slides). Third, the student will identify which shape is short or tall when two shapes are shown (2 slides). Fourth, the student will complete simple sentences using the words “short” and “tall”. Fifth, the student will identify the shortest or tallest shape when an array of three shapes is shown (5 slides). Sixth, the student will arrange 3D shapes from shortest to tallest (3 slides). Last, the student will sort shapes into short or tall shapes (2 slides). The activity has a total of 16 slides. Enjoy and please leave a review if you found this activity useful 😊.