S - TH Minimal Pairs Frontal Lisp Tongue Twister Sentence

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by IowaSLP

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Subjects: speech,articulation,phonology,apraxia

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: Eliminate your client's frontal lisp or s to th substitution with this interactive deck. Start with /s/ and TH instructions and isolation practice, then move to minimal pair word sorting. Answer questions about s - th minimal pairs, and finally work on tongue twisters / silly sentences. This deck encourages high repetitions so you can correct your child's frontal lisp. You can also record your voice while you practice! ✅ /s/ Sound Instructions / Isolation Practice (1 card) ✅ TH Sound Instructions / Isolation Practice (1 card) ✅ /s/ - TH Initial Word Sort (3 cards) ✅ /s/ - TH Final Word Sort (3 cards) ✅ /s/ - TH Initial Questions field of 2 (10 cards) ✅ /s/ - TH Final Questions field of 2 (10 cards) ✅ /s/- TH Initial Tongue Twisters (10 cards) ✅ /s/-TH Final Tongue Twisters (10 cards) Laura M. says: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Extremely Satisfied ❝ I love all of the minimal pairs tongue twisters decks - I find the tongue twisters so great for working on phonological patterns at a high level. They give students the meaningful context along with the need to produce them accurately.❞ Check out my store for more phonological processes including a FREE Gliding Deck!