I Spy Search Find Match Photo Kids Faces Visual Perception

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by RoJM Teaching Resources

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Subjects: games,visualPerception,specialed,firstDayOfSpring,seasonSummer,firstDayOfAutumn,firstDayOfWinter

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: The cards in this deck relate to a search and find I spy game. You will see a grid of happy kid faces. A picture will be taken of each of the faces which is in the camera lens. Your task is to match the face in the camera lens to one of the happy faces in the grid or field of 12 faces. If you tap or click the matching picture, you will hear see a green circle and hear a bell sound. The deck will automatically advance to the next card. If the wrong picture is matched, a red circle will appear and a whoops sound is heard. You can try as many times as you like to find the matching picture. A fun game to track where the pictures are and enhance visual perception skills. The cards are randomized. Each time the game is played the cards and the faces will be in a different order. Great to play if your school is having an end of term or end of year school photo. Thank you for visiting my BOOM store:)